SUPERGRAPHICS & Architectural Murals

Complex art work or your corporate identity can be painted onto virtually any surface.

John has worked in the film industry as a scenic artist and in partnership on lottery funded public art projects. With this broad base of expertise, complex artwork or a corporate identity, can be painted onto virtually any surface.

Langebourne school, Southwark.

"These positive statements were written on the walls inside the school. The head teacher said "Its given a whole new feel to the school."

The revival in architectural graphics and super graphics have a history going back decades to old wall signs. John Pope is known as the ‘go to’ person when it comes to large painted super graphics.

The multi coloured design for the exterior wall at The Design Museum London (above) was transferred from post card sized artwork to full size using the grid system. This took two painters five days to complete.

Super graphic services

  • Retail signage
  • Architectural super graphics
  • Vintage, retro and modern sign-writing
  • Architectural murals
  • Retail graphics
  • Way finding signage
  • Wall murals

"During the 60s, niches of architects and designers began experimenting with supergraphics to emulate the spatial effects of architecture. These designers distorted perspective with stripes and arrows, emphasized wayfinding and movement sequences with surface designs, joined community groups to paint illustrative graphics over blighted buildings, and played with scale by using billboarding tactics. By 1970, this Supermannerist, supergraphic movement had waned, or had morphed into Pop and possibly graffiti art, but the idea that the city could be made bright, even witty, through the judicious application of paint instead of new construction was born and became another tool for developers who had previously advocated demolition as a method of urban renewal."

Marlin Watson